July 24, 2014

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Garden Gate
Cooler temps hinder rippening of vegetables PDF Print E-mail

By Kay Brown
Kate’s Garden Gate
It sure was nice to have 70 degree weather for a while. Those temps don’t let the veggies ripen very well, and customers at market are really wanting those home grown tomatoes.
One vendor this past week had some tomatoes, but they were shipped in and the vendor has to declare anything that is not home grown as being such. Customers were still buying them.
There were potatoes, melons, and more green beans, along with too much corn. I quit growing corn for market two years ago because the bigger growers were taking over the market. I just grow the corn for family and the freezer now.
My cabbages are almost done and I might have small sweet melons this coming Friday. The blackberries are coming along really well but there won’t be a big crop this year. We have been picking lots of cherry tomatoes, but just for the family. There are a few bigger ones turning red, but it sure is slow. Maybe the heat that's suppose to be coming will be a good thing to ripen them, but not to have to be out in.

Family makes the Fourth fun PDF Print E-mail

By Kay Brown
Kate’s Garden Gate
What a nice weekend, the Fourth turned out to be. We haven’t had family here for the Fourth in many years.
My oldest son from Missouri was here with his fiancee and her children and grandchildren. His daughter and her son came also.
My daughter and her husband had been staying but went to his family’s party for the weekend.
My second oldest son came from Macomb, and my third son came from Beardstown along with his wife and oldest daughter. Her husband and daughter were here too. She has passed her boards for Physicians Assistant so its off to work in August. Congrats’ Granddaughter!!

Making decisions with the family PDF Print E-mail

Kids want to keep the homestead in the family

By Kay Brown
The Garden Gate
It sure was a busy weekend with all the kids home. We got some chores done even though it was too hot.
For our family confab we must have talked for three hours with several breaks. I wanted everybody to be completely honest about what they wanted to see happen on the homestead, and they all want it to stay in the family.
I want to live here until otherwise, and of course they never want to talk about that. It’s been too soon since they lost their Dad, and they want me to be around a while. I’m certainly going to give it my best shot.
It’s Monday morning, and my oldest son and grandson just left to go back home to Missouri. They’ll be back this weekend. My daughter and her husband are still here and might be here for the rest of the month. It depends on when the new grandbaby comes, which is due the 22nd of July.

Produce is coming on strong and should be plentiful PDF Print E-mail

By Kay Brown
Kate’s Garden Gate
We certainly have had some nice days. In past years it rained a lot on Friday, and didn’t make market day very pleasant. This year it’s rained a lot but seemed to miss Friday.
Business is not what it used to be. There are not as many customers and some of the ones that used to come haven’t been back. We still have a good variety. It has been hard to have something to sell each week, because of the rain and cooler temps, but not many of the same vendors we used to have. Maybe that has made a difference. I don’t really know what the answer is.

Highway crews put ruts on hillside; destroy flowers PDF Print E-mail

By Kay Brown
The Garden Gate
It’s Monday morning, and the temp is already 81. I’m certainly not looking forward to this week of higher temps. I haven’t turned on the air yet, but this just might be the week.
I had company all weekend and did more cooking than I have for the past two weeks. For last Friday’s Farmer’s Market, I cut cabbages to sell, and only sold a few. I cooked a big slow cooker of cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and kielbasa for my company along with a pecan pie out of the freezer that was left over from the Friday before.
For Father’s Day, I made lasagna, salad and French bread. Everybody enjoyed the meal, except my daughter-in-law who is still not feeling well. Pray that she gets better soon...thanks!

A tribute to Kathleen, a good friend PDF Print E-mail

By Kay Brown
The Garden Gate
This is a tribute to my friend; gone but not forgotten. I got to know Kathleen when we were both in the earlier theatre group. She was friendly, but not too talkative about her life. We both loved flowers and to garden, loved antiques, so could talk on that subject, and found out we shared the same birthday. I didn’t know for a long time she had a son, or a sister or a cousin.
She shared with me that her husband came from an Indian reservation before they were married, but not until just a few years ago when he got sick, did she tell me about his passion for jazz, how they had performed together in California, and my husband played with him several times along with his cohorts.

Observations of classmates at reunion PDF Print E-mail

By Kay Brown
Kate’s Garden Gate
After watching Dr. Wayne Dyer on PBS, I got to thinking about the classmates who come back for Alumni and the Friday night parties. Dr. Dyer was talking about our ego and that in order to get rid of it, we need to become compassionate.

A weekend to remember... PDF Print E-mail

By Kay Brown
Behind the Garden Gate
What a great Memorial Day weekend turned out to be. The weather was great and the people were greater. We had a really good party Friday at the Café, along with the class of ‘59. We weren’t too late getting home, but were tired, so slept in.
Saturday we went to breakfast at the Methodist church where we saw more friends, and then back home to rest for the Saturday night banquet at the high school to see more friends. Other classmates went downtown to party some more.

Farmer’s Market and a play keeps one busy PDF Print E-mail

By Kay Brown
Kate’s Garden Gate
This week is one of those very busy ones that happen about once a month. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be the play at the Opera House, entitled, “Maid To Order.”
Friday night will also be a dinner, so get your reservations in by Thursday at 4 p.m. please, if at all possible.
Friday here at home, we’re opening Rushville Farmers Market at 7 a.m. till 12:30 p.m., and again on Saturday, same time.

Pitfalls of using antibiotics in meat PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kay Brown   

By Kay Brown
Kate’s Garden Gate
After all the drastic winter weather, what a beautiful Easter Sunday we had. Two of the children and mates got to come for dinner. My daughter and her husband aren’t coming until July, when their first grandchild is expected here in Illinois, and my oldest son from Missouri is also coming in July to look over a spot here for after retirement. Those two siblings haven’t seen each other for a couple of years so it will be a reunion of sorts for the family.
We were talking about the price of meat and wishing we could manage to raise some of our own. I read a report in Prevention Magazine about the use of antibiotics in our meat–shocking!


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